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annon thoughts

30 November 1985
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i sometimes.. more than often, double post things on my profile and in a group. i do this because i want to keep a track of all I have written. I want to look over my thoughts one day, and hopefully, with a smile. please dont judge me


leaving a comment really makes my day, puts a smile on my face, its always good to know people are out there...

but..i like the idea of being annonymous, it just makes things easier... but i am here to help people, and help myself. Im a nervous wreck.. unpredictably. Im my own worst enemy, struggling with guilt. But i feel i know how to let things out, and try keep a unique perspective.

add me to your friends, im more than happy to give some advice, be advised... or just talk, share an idea or thought.. at the end of the day, what is a name afterall? -Annonplease :)


i think too much..

i have too many thoughts, getting it all out...

i dont know, i just need to get things out sometimes and my brother told me a good way is to write it all down. i dont know why im posting it, probably cause im egocentric. i dont know, i dont even know if i spelt that correct...forget it... this is ME